Sarria – – – Gonzar

We are getting close to Santiago – only four more stages to go!

It is sprinkling on and off today but we are told there will be lots of rain the next few days!

So I never noticed any donkeys before but after I received this nickname they have been showing up everywhere!

One of my favorite things on the Camino is seeing all the animals. This older woman was tending to these cows and it was so great to see the relationship the have and how she gracefully directed them.

Although a gloomy day it was beautiful and I cannot get over how green Galicia is and how similar it feels to the Basque Country.

Caio found this awesome feather! I looked some of the symbolism behind feathers and they are all fitting for him. They symbolize-Truth, Speed, Lightness, Flight and Ascension.

We passed through some beautiful areas today and we made our way to Gonzar a very small town.

We made it to Portmarin which is a little bigger city. It is odd on the Camino how sometimes you crave a city and fall in love with it like I did Leon and then there are times like today although not big, we wanted to get out fast to arrive to the small town. Although you might only have three places to eat and two places to chose from to stay, the small towns have so much charm, radiate calmness and the people are so kind!

It turned out to be a cold and rainy walk to Gonzar and we were very happy when we arrived.
We really enjoyed this albergue and there was only one person with us here, a man from Russia who literally looked like a vampire. He could not speak English or Spanish but we nice but so pale and made movements that truly like a vampire. I slept with one eye open this night! 😉

Everyday in Galicia ended with white wine because it is truly the best in this region!


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