Gonzar – – – Melide

It was a very rainy day! I didn’t get to take many pictures or enjoy the walk as much as I would have liked. It was cold and rained a lot!

We ran into Sara and Gianluca again! It was great to walk with Sara again! We talked a lot about life and changes we are working on as well as enjoyed some Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden! Sara is truly a sweet gal and I think she has a bright future ahead as a nurse in San Diego! I appreciate her honesty and she has been incredibly kind to me! I hope our paths cross again and we have talked about going to South Korea to visit our friends we met on the Camino.

Although rainy, I am feeling very happy! I like to view the rain as a cleanse…cleansing my soul and the sound and smell of rain is the best medicine!

I mentioned earlier after given the nickname donkey, I see them everywhere and this donkey takes the prize for carrying all of this! When Caio saw this he said, “it’s you!” When I see fotos of myself with my pack I can see a strong resemblance! 🙂

Everyone said that Melide had the best pulpo (octopus) but the truth is that it was alright and I have had better!


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