Melide – – – O Perouzo

Here is our pulpo it was cooked well but I think I was a little off with the seasoning.

It rained more today and holy cow there are a ton of people on the trail. It is sort of annoying because a lot of these people are tourist just trying to complete the last 100 to get the Compostela and it has a different feeling than when you first start in St. Jean and there is a lot of people. I had to practice a lot of patience as I tried to navigate through the sea of school children.

It was really nice though to see families together and dogs on the trail. Although rainy this portion was beautiful as well, very green and lush.

We walked a lot today…I think 34 km because we could not find any albergues! We had to stay in a pension that was way overpriced for what it was, a disappointment but tomorrow is Santiago!

I should have taken a picture but we did end the day with another great bottle of wine with a huge steak! It was a low key day because of the rain. I started to watch a movie called Maidentrip that I didn’t get to finish because of the bad wifi but it was truly inspiring! It is about a 15 year old girl who sailed around the world by herself! So far it has been an excellent documentary and I can’t wait to finish it!


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