O Perouzo – – – Santiago

I had a restless sleep because I was excited and nervous for Santiago. Could it really be that my adventure was coming to an end? I had a huge part of me that did not want to say goodbye to the friends I have made and wanted us to continue to walk on. But I was also excited because I was going to continue to walk to the end of the earth with my sister! She was arriving in two days to finish the trip with me and then we planned to go visit family together, Barcelona and possibly Majorca.

My friend Sara in the morning messaged me and reminded me to enjoy every moment today. I tried to keep that in mind as I walked. Today I walked almost all of this alone until I actually arrived in Santiago. It was a nice walk and I tried to be mindful of every step I took. 

No surprises it was raining a lot and I did not get to take as many pictures as I had hoped but staying in the moment is where my intention was at and these conditions demand your presence.

I was able to meet up with my friend Caio right as I crossed the edge of the city of Santiago. We still had about a 30 minute walk to the Cathedral. 

I remember feeling so tired walking in and it seemed like a long walk to the Cathedral. On the way to the Cathedral we ran into our Korean friends – Sunny & D1!

As we continued to walk toward the Cathedral we show crowds of people, heard lovely music in the distance and circled around to the front of it! 

I cannot believe I made it! After 31 days I am here in Santiago! My Camino did not unfold as I expected – never anticipated the injuries and rest days, taking a bike through two stages, and going off course of my book, etc. My Camino unfold as it was meant to and I am forever grateful for this experience!

I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would be when I arrived, maybe it was because of the exhaustion, maybe because I knew this still wasn’t the end but one thing is for sure even though I finished with a dear friend, I came alone and did this trip for myself.

I am very proud of myself for deciding to do something like this that I thought I couldn’t do for a million reasons. It is jaw dropping to me the power that fear has and how easily we can talk ourselves out of things. The Camino to Santiago was an incredible experience. I had some very low moments and some very high moments. I got to really face myself, heal some of the separated pieces of my soul I came here to mend and find again, and made some lifetime friends. I will process my experience more in later posts but hands down I would/will do this again!


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